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Vernice Barrimond
PsyD Trainee - Therapy Practicum

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Vernice is Trinidadian-born and New York City raised 3rd-year doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Wheaton College specializing in trauma. Her current research qualitatively explores the current perspectives of Black clergy around the U.S. concerning mental health in relation to Complex Trauma, Religious Coping, and Post Traumatic Growth.  

In terms of treatment, Vernice is a responsible eclectic who utilizes a tailored, trauma-informed and client-centered approach; while conceptualizing cases through frameworks that shed light on the various systems at play in each persons’ life. She believes that the relevant contributors of her client’s struggles should be acknowledged and examined. 

Vernice previously trained as a diagnostic extern at Outreach Community Counseling Center in which she was given the opportunity to conduct comprehensive psychological assessments and diagnostic interviews for underserved adults and children in the West Suburbs of Chicago. A motif found throughout Vernice’s placements is her intentional desire to work with marginalized and underserved populations, especially communities of color. 

Even though Vernice balances the responsibilities of being a doctoral student and a therapist/diagnostic extern, she has a myriad of diverse interests, and has yet to meet someone she does not have something in common with.

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