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Dr. Akeema Driggs (PsyD)
Post-Doctoral Fellow/Secondary Student Supervisor

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Akeema Driggs is a proud Afro-Trinidadian born in the US. She holds a Clinical Psychology degree from Adler University where she studied Black men and their perceptions of mental health. 

​Akeema utilizes a client-centered approach as well as trauma-informed care in treatment. She often conceptualizes cases from a systems perspective as she believes no one client is untouched by the systems within society. Her professional and personal goals have always aligned as she daily advocates for subjugated populations. Akeema’s wish is that through her work, she would be able to deepen her awareness and understanding of how systemic factors can contribute to the struggles of her clients, and that she may be able to do all in her power to assist them in rising above obstacles they face. 

​During previous training experience at Hartgrove Behavioral Health, Mt Sinai’s Under the Rainbow, and at Advocate Children’s Hospital, Akeema was able to work with a diverse population of children and adolescents presenting with a range of clinical concerns – from emotional to behavioral challenges, as they came from environments where there were high levels of complex trauma. Additionally, she has worked with adults in therapy and assessment capacities in Chicago with adults in transitional living facilities and in Raleigh at the North Carolina Department of Public Safety with male and female inmates. 

​During the week, Akeema is a therapist, a student, and an advocate and on the weekend she loves to have fun with her friends. She loves to travel and experience new cultures, be that local, national or abroad. 

​She is Pro-Black, Pro-POC, Pro-LGBTQ+, Pro-Heaux, and Pro-Womxn and believes that therapeutic services should be a right, not a privilege.

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