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Sophia Julio
Master's Clinical Counseling Intern

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Sophia Julio is a Latinx woman born-and-raised on the Southside of Chicago. She is a Master's fellow working with us from Adler University. She is also a high-level Senior Recruiter working in the cannabis industry. Sophia is currently working towards her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and aims to specialize in psychedelic-assisted therapy. Recently she worked with Entheo IL and the Illinois Psychedelic Society for her Social Justice Practicum - creating their first annual fundraising and advocacy program and volunteer cohort. In 2019, obtained her Bachelor's degree from Southern Illinois University where she majored in Anthropology with a triple-minor in forensic science, psychology, and philosophy.

 Sophia utilizes various therapeutic techniques to create a holistic approach to psychotherapy and work with each client's distinctive goals. She uses mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and client-centered therapy to empower clients and create a solution-oriented approach to their needs. Sophia believes in reducing systemic harm, uplifting marginalized folx, and using her power to create change within micro and macro communities.

 As a long-term industry professional, Sophia brings unique perspectives gained from her experience in cannabis as a professional and a MMJ 

patient to the organizations and clients she works with. She empowers her community by shedding light on opportunities within the industry, and how to create change within organizations and in your personal life. Sophia showcases each person's invaluable talents and unique characteristics to positively impact their lives and reach their goals.

 In her free time Sophia enjoys powerlifting at her local gym, attending live music shows, creating digital content and art, going to yoga classes, hosting networking events, and more. Sophia is a conscious creator who values advocacy, community outreach, LGBTQ+ rights, human rights, social justice initiatives, and continued education.

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