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Therapy at Tenacity

Our Staff have over 10 years of experience providing therapy for Chicagoland's marginalized communities. Our approach to therapy is personalized to each individual's needs and is conceptualized and understood via trauma and systems lenses. As human beings, we are part of several systems, some systems are in our control, while others act as systems of oppression that can result in severe trauma. At

Tenacity, we are here to educate, support and provide meaningful tools to help our patients navigate these complex systems and to live their most meaningful lives possible. 

Psychological Testing/Evaluations

Tenacity provides psychological testing/evaluations for established clients only and on a limited basis. To be eligible for testing or psychological evaluation, the individual must patient in good standing with the practice and have been seen by their therapist for a minimum of 6 sessions. This allows our therapists to establish a strong history of the patients symptoms, concerns and needs.

Bariatric Surgery Psychological Evaluations

Tenacity offers Bariatric Psychological Evaluations. Bariatric Evaluations take roughly 4-6 weeks to schedule and to provide the Bariatric surgeon with a complete psychological report. Rushed evaluations are possible, but subject to fees. 

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