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Dr. Josiah Miller (PsyD)
Owner/Clinical Training Director

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Along the journey through life challenges are inevitable and there aren't always easy or clear answers about why things happen and what to do about them. We want our lives and life itself to have value, meaning and purpose; and finding or creating these things for ourselves can be confusing, frustrating and even scary. However, finding our deeper reason(s) in life can also be rewarding, exciting and empowering experience that provides the hope, courage, strength and tenacity needed to face challenges in life. Having the courage to begin this process and asking for support along the way doesn't mean you're weak, it makes you strong!

I have extensive experience working with children and adolescents as well as with adults, couples and families with diverse backgrounds and needs. Some areas of expertise include helping people deal with loss (e.g. death, divorce, etc.), trauma, depression, stress management, relationship conflict, men's issues and struggles with identity and spirituality.

It takes courage and integrity to admit when something feels out of place and even more to ask for support. Growth and change can be difficult and uncomfortable, but all journeys start with taking the first step and I will join you on the hike! 

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