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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions our staff are asked regularly that you might find helpful. If you have additional questions please feel free to reach out anytime

1. What is an intake appointment and what can I expect? An intake appointment is your first appointment here at Tenacity. This appointment is used to establish the patient's needs at this time as well as preliminary diagnoses. The Doctor will review the intake questionnaire you fill out prior to the appointment and will ask any follow-up questions necessary. Intake appointments may be virtual or in-person, whichever is easier for the patient. The initial intake appointment will range from 30-53 minutes. The Doctor will reach out within 5 business days to discuss your diagnosis and the best course of treatment for you. After this follow-up Dr. Britt Coats or one of our staff will reach out to schedule regular weekly sessions.

2. Will my intake therapist be my long term therapist? We do our best to pair patients with the therapist that is best for their specific mental health needs. Sometimes this happens to be your intake therapist and other times you may be moved to a Doctor with more experience in your specific diagnosis and mental health needs.

3. Are appointments in person or virtual? Tenacity offers both virtual and in person appointments. All in person appointments are at 605 N Michigan Ave, Floor 4.

4. How do I get to the offices? Enter the Chase Building at 605 N Michigan Ave (60611) and use the elevators to the left of the Chase ATMs. Head to floor 4 and check in with reception. If your appointment is after 5:30pm your Doctor will meet you in the Chase lobby, as the elevators are restricted at this time.

5. Can I request a specific Doctor? You can absolutely reach out to Dr. Britt Coats and let her know your preferences. She will do her best to pair you with that Doctor, however if that Doctor does not have openings or another Therapist is a better fit we will suggest the best and most appropriate provider.

6. How often are therapy sessions? The Doctors typically begin with and recommend once per week for new patients. If the intake Doctor believes less or more frequent appointments are needed they will discuss this with you.

7. How will I know how and when therapy will help me? Our Therapists will work with you to understand your diagnosis(ses) and what course of treatment is best for your needs. Our therapists collaborate with their patients to co-create treatment plans.

8. What is the late cancellation or no-show policy? At Tenacity we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. You can call or text our mainline at 872-808-0285 anytime to cancel (if it is after business hours, we will respond the following day). You may also message your therapist anytime on our secure portal, Simple Practice. You can also message Dr. Britt Coats on Simple Practice any time to reschedule or cancel and avoid late fees. Failure to show up or cancel an appointment will result in a $50 fee.

9. What happens if I lose or change my insurance? If you lose or change insurance please reach out to Dr. Britt Coats at or at 872-808-0285 and we will work with you to update your insurance information or to establish low-cost payments so that you may continue treatment.

10. What if I can’t afford to pay anything and have lost medicaid? If you no longer qualify for medicaid due to a pay increase or change in assets you may be eligible for a program called Spend Down Medicaid. You can reach out to Dr. Britt Coats for more information. If the spend down program does not work for your needs, we have partnered with the Agave Center for Health Justice to help provide free care for a select number of patients.

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